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ONLY NATURAL PET POWERFUSION GRAIN FREE RAW INFUSED CAT FOOD Only Natural Pet PowerFusion raw infused cat food features three nutritious foods in one delicious meal. Starting with our grain free, complete & balanced Feline PowerFood, we’ve added raw superfood bites made with freeze dried raw meat, sweet potatoes, goat milk, kale & blueberries, and 100% single ingredient freeze dried raw meat bites. These combine into one convenient, exceptionally tasty and nutritious meal that may be packed with extra raw goodness. Raw ingredients are chock-full of enzymes, vitamins and other valuable nutrients. We freeze dry instead of cook our raw ingredients to deal with these nutritional benefits. Raw ingredients are highly digestible and based on the whole prey model of cats’ ancestors, making them packed with nutritional benefits that are critical to helping keep our cats healthy. HIGHLIGHTS: 3 Foods in 1: Feline PowerFood, Raw Superfood Bites & 100% Raw Meat Bites Grain free and white potato free for a ancestral appropriate diet Made in the united states from the best quality ingredients to be had Features PowerBoost blend: pumpkin, turmeric, New Zealand green mussels, probiotics & enzymes Every bag is Certified Carbon Neutral by Carbon Credit Capital Choose the easiest formula for your cat with sensitivities, or rotate through both grain free, raw infused formulas. At Only Natural Pet, we consider in the power of finding your happy place. And yes, we’re biased, but we think the happiest places have pets in them. That’s why we offer everything you want to keep pets healthy: dogs and cats, old and young, nose to tail. We use honest ingredients, sustainable practices, and total transparency in everything we do to create, enjoy, and protect happy places far and wide, whether it’s healthy bodies, strong communities, or a cleaner planet.

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