Dwarf Hamster Cage, Hamster Cages and Habitats, Small Animal Cage for Hamsters and Gerbils Includes All Hamster…

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【SUITABLE SIZE】 The hamster cage measures 11.8in x 8.7in x 9.1in. The hamster exercise wheels have a width of 5.9in, giving your hamster plenty of room to rest or exercise. For dwarf hamsters, hamsters, gerbils, mouse, mice or other small animals.
【CLEAR ACRYLIC MATERIAL】 The hamster cage is made of high quality clear acrylic material and compressed foam board, Hamster cages have good transparency and allows a good view of your small animal.
【COMPLETE HAMSTER CAGE ACCESSORIES】 The dwarf hamster cage with all hamster accessories includes hamster wheel, hamster bedding, hamster chew toys, water bottle, food dish and hamster hideout. Complete hamster accessories to keep small animals in at all times.



elfsky hameter cageelfsky hameter cage

Fun home for hamsters, Gerbil mice and other small pets

  • Is a complete Hamster Cages, consisting of a wide number of features that improve your hamster’s quality of life.
  • Every detail is carefully designed to encourage your furry friend to explore, burrow, snooze, exercise or simply chill out.
  • This animal-friendly design offers multiple platforms for exercise,fun, relaxation, and exploration for small pets like hamsters ,This hamster cage starter kit includes the main habitat, water bottle, food dishes, and exercise wheels.

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Suitable for These Species:

small animals, dwarf hamster, teddy bear hamster, fat-tailed hamster, robo hamster

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  • Hamster cage*1
  • Hamster wheel*1
  • Water bottle *1
  • Hamster house*1
  • Feeder bowl *1
  • Chew toys *1
  • Hamster bedding*1
  • Product manual*1

<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-action="a-expander-toggle" class="a-declarative" data-a-expander-toggle="it's going to sleep very well right through the day.

Feeder Bowl

You’ll be able to place the food dish in the cage wherever you wish to have.

Water Bottle

The height of the water bottle is suitable for small hamsters. A wire strap is on the top, which prevent the bottle from falling down.